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Tiny Tuesday – “Getaway Bay”

24 Sep

Benny had never ridden a Sea-Doo before.

The sirens blazed at his back. “First time for everything,” he muttered, and jumped off the pier.

As Benny growled through the water of the bay, his body thrumming with adrenaline, he finally understood all the hype. No wonder these things were so popular! He adjusted the duffel slung on his shoulder and reached out behind, his Uzi spitting death in a sizzling spray that cut through the pursuing coast guard boats. God, this thing was fast!

The bay receded. Benny grinned. The sun was shining, the water was cool, and he was free.


Tiny Tuesday – “Mortar”

6 Nov

The nightmare slunk away, and silence enveloped her like a blanket.

Dust hung in the impact’s wake, and as she peeked out the blasted ruin of her front door, the girl saw nothing she could recognize.

Four steps, and she reached the broken road.

How still seemed the world, when before it was only noise. How tragic the quiet, when it should have been a relief. She stood in the rubble and cried, not understanding, too frightened to move. She didn’t notice the approaching squadron.

As he passed, a soldier pressed a charred doll into her hands. She couldn’t see his face.

Tiny Tuesday – “The Hacker”

9 Oct

“I’m in,” whispered Raoul, cracking and flexing his fingers like an athlete stretching before a race. He pounced on his keyboard, typing fast, code scrolling across his monitor so quickly it could hardly be read. Didn’t matter. He didn’t need to. A single typo could bring the entire architecture crashing down, but he knew there weren’t any.

There was a clunk as the vault lock disengaged. The steel door swung open, and the walls sparkled.

A glittering diamond, baseball-sized, sat on a plinth. Raoul seized it.

“Thank you, Tiffany,” he breathed.

The alarm was silent, and so was the SWAT team.