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TFNG-101: Introduction

11 Sep


Essay Prompt

Minimum of 200 words.

Please write an assignment telling us about yourself and what you expect to learn from transfiguration. This is simply a quick assignment so we can get to know one another and can include any information you believe to be relevant. If you are having problems coming up with ideas, here are a few questions to answer:

–  What interests you about your transfiguration and how it is used on a daily basis?

–  Which topics regarding transfiguration are you most interested about?

–  Do you plan on pursuing a career using transfiguration (or another branch of magic)?

–  What did you find interesting about this lesson?

–  What about transfiguration excites you?


Greetings Professor!

As the most immediately practical form of magic, Transfiguration doesn’t have to work hard to recommend itself to me. A muggle friend introduced me to the concept of what she called “lifehacks” – small improvements in creative efficiency one can make to their everyday activites – and I see Transfiguration as the natural wizarding equivalent.

I’m excited too by your description of the field as the most “scientific” branch of magic. As a Ravenclaw, I’m driven by a thirst for knowledge (my other professors know this much about me already). What could be more thrilling, more challenging, more worthy of our skills as intelligent beings than the pursuit of understanding, and the creation of the tools we need to grasp it? I hope that Transfiguration will provide me with a gleaming set of such tools, and prepare me for a life of curiosity and learning.

I am a muggle-born wizard and as such I’m still unfamiliar with many aspects of the wizarding world. I’m not sure if there is a magical analogue to the muggle practice of scientific inquiry, but it’s certainly a career option I’d like to explore. I believe Transfiguration will help me better understand the intricacy of magic, and how it might be applied to such a pursuit.

Plus, it would be really neat to be able to fulfill a lifelong urge to reshape the world – and myself – at a whim. Who wouldn’t want to be able to become an Animagus?