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CHRM-101: Introduction

5 Sep


Part One – Introduction:

Please introduce yourself and tell me why you’re taking Charms. This is informal, so here are some questions that you may consider:

  • When did you know you had magical talent?
  • What interests you about Charms?
  • What would you like to learn in the class?
  • Are you interested in spell casting theory (how it is done)?
  • Would you like to learn just spells that are from official sources (such as the books, movies, games, etc.) or would you like to learn some spells that were not seen in the official sources?
  • What about Charms excites you?

Please dedicate 1-2 paragraphs to this portion.


Part Two – Journal Plan:

You will be responsible for keeping a journal that documents your experience practicing the Charms we discuss in class. You can use a physical journal or notebook, or a program like Word or OneNote, as long as you can somehow enter it into the submission box when required. Here are some ways you can write the journal, though there are MANY options:

  • a traditional journal entry,
  • a list of thoughts and observations,
  • as a role-playing exercise (where you explain what you do as if writing a story),
  • and other options not on the list.

I want you to tell me, for Part Two, how you will be writing your journal (IE which of the above options you’ve chosen). Please dedicate 2-5 sentences for this part.


PART ONE – Introduction:

Greetings Professor!

I’m Justin and I am very excited to be starting my magical education with Charms!

I recall an evening in my early youth, in the frigid Canadian winter, when my Great-Uncle (or, as we call him, “Grunkle”) Caractacus was telling me a story by the firelight. He was a fantastic spinner of yarn, always ready with a silly voice or an improvised sound effect, and through his performances the lives of witches and wizards past – and the miraculous magic they performed – would come alive again. On this night, he was telling me of the Spanish conquest of Central America, where a very evil and very powerful wizard named Felipe Cinquedea Bolivar had kidnapped an Aztec princess (this tale is no doubt dreadfully familiar to you, but to my yet-unformed mind, it was as exciting and revelatory as life itself). As he spoke of the princess’s plight – of how she discovered her own magical power at the pyramid’s peak beneath the moon bathed in midsummer blood – I became agitated. She seemed so real, so alive and brave and strong and unjustly hurt, and while I sat there wide-eyed behind my glasses, the muggle appliances in the kitchen beyond were exploding with sparks and flame. I paid them no mind, lost as I was in these tales of the past, but I imagine Grunkle Caractacus knew then that magic was in my future. He was – as always – completely correct.

As the fundamental nexus of all spellcasting, Charms seems to me to be a crucial discipline. I’m excited to embrace both its theoretical and practical sides, and I hope to apply them toward a broader understanding of where magic comes from, and what it means to wield it. Spells from official sources are of course very welcome, but as a Ravenclaw I am driven by a thirst for knowledge, and I am eager to push the boundaries of what magic can accomplish – so bring on the unprecedented!

PART TWO – Journal Plan:

I intend to keep notes on my Charms studies in point form. I believe this will be an efficient and scientific way to document my experiences, and still allow for some philosphical reflection, if I am inspired to make any such observations. I can’t wait to get started.