Hello, friend! Intellects vast and cool are giving you the sexy eyes. Don’t mind that splintering pain seizing your brain – that’s just your soul opening wide, allowing the light of the universe to enter. You’ve taken a step into a much larger, more wonderful world. With me as your guide, you’ll plunge to the depths of the planet’s core and soar to the starry ceiling of the galaxy in search of truth, enlightenment, and the secret of livin’ the good life.

This blog is a repository for all my extra creative juice that spills over the side of the glass, concerning absolutely anything that tickles my fancy – from life, to music, literature, video games, movies, creative writing, and everything in between. And, as an aspiring writer, it affords me a chance to improve myself through the mastery of my craft. If you’ve made it here then chances are you’re just the right person to be reading this stuff.


Tune into the frequency of these creative writings – long or short, insipid or inspired, these are the collected entries into a star voyager’s log, intended for a sole purpose: to keep him from going mad.


A pantheon of cosmic heroes, these Mortals of Astronomically Superior Traits and Eminent Repute are those considered by the author to be compelling, admirable, inspiring, or otherwise notable. They may include human celebrities, real-life friends, or wholly invented beings of the imagination. Bask in their excellence, and be bettered for it.


These bite-sized salvos of creative energy represent the discipline of daily routine. More palatable (and dispensable) than the longer offerings you’ll find elsewhere on this site, they are designed with space-age efficiency to keep this startrotter trim and fit.

Metre Mondays: Like a vegan who’s damn good at saladry, I concoct rhyming poems and balladry.

Tiny Tuesday: In case my verbosity chafes, I offer these scribbles: each of which is a delectably manageable 101 words long.

Wacky Wednesday: Appreciate these sense sketches, flash fiction, and other miscellaneous wordings as you would a madman’s doodle, scrawled in the margins of his terrifying journal.

Threepenny Thursday: Decidedly non-Marxist analysis and criticism of everyday media – from an album, to a book, to an episode of Jeopardy!, I’ll tell you whether or not the small things are worth your hard-earned pocket change. Follow along with my “patented” Jeff Goldblum Ratings Index and enjoy the best (and worst) the world has to offer.

Fanfic Friday: I populate beloved fictional universes with my own imagination – as if our own real one wasn’t interesting enough.

Space Junk

Flotsam and jetsam floating through the endless void, these are musings, short anecdotes, essays, manifestos, and any other heavenly bodies that don’t have a place in the universe.


I extend to you a hearty salutation, with the hope that you’ll be interested, informed, and entertained!

And, as always, please feel free to leave comments. Oh, how I crave those juicy little comments. They’re so tasty. I just can’t get enough.



One Response to “About”

  1. Petey Pie July 5, 2009 at 4:59 pm #

    Shweet stuff. We should both pledge to blog more.

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