HOM-101: Why Is History Important?

11 Sep


 Essay: Importance of History

  • Maximum of three paragraphs why the study of history is important to you.
  • Explain why people should take history classes, or why you think students are forced to take history.
  • Use evidence from your book or your knowledge of magical history to support your stance.


Greetings Professor!

I believe the assertion that students may not necessarily enjoy learning the History of Magic, or that they must be “forced” to study it, does a grievous disservice to the importance of history. Those disinclined to study the past are closing themselves off to a wealth of knowledge about the present and future. I believe that in order to know who we are, we must study who we were. All should be encouraged to embrace the stories and hidden truths of the past, and to dismiss it as a boring necessity is akin to putting on a blindfold.

For example, if one considers the magical history of the ancient Asian world, one can see its importance in the present. Laws enacted during the Warring States Period in ancient China, which restricted the use of magic to those granted authority to wield it, had a twofold effect: this regulation increased the efficiency with which spells (such as an early form of Aguamenti) could benefit infrastructure by helping to maintain crops – but it also imposed draconian penalties on those who practiced these spells without explicit permission. In hindsight, we can see the wisdom of regulating the use of magic (an attitude represented by our own modern age-restriction laws), but we can also better appreciate what the limits of such regulation should be in a free magical society.

I believe that to look forward, and build the kind of magical world we all idealize, we must also look back, and rely on both the surety of our forebears’ wisdom and the lessons their mistakes can teach us. Without the crutch of the past, we are hobbled in the present.


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