DADA-101: Introduction

11 Sep


Essay Prompt

Write an introduction. Tell me about yourself. What are your expectations for this course? Is there anything you want to see for year one? What do you already know about the subject? Why is Defense Against the Dark Arts important to you? This should be at least 150 words. There will be no penalty for going over the word limit.


Greetings Professor!

My name is Justin. I’m a proud member of Ravenclaw, and while I’m excited to learn all I can about the practical application of magic, I’m very new to the idea of defending myself and others through the use of spells. I’m a pacifist by nature, preferring reason and discourse to conflict and violence, and as such I expect that Defense Against the Dark Arts will be a difficult and yet crucial undertaking for me.

I try to surround myself with people from whom I can learn. I find that my best friends are invariably smarter, stronger, or kinder than me, and I work hard to do them proud through my emulation of those traits. That kind of attitude discourages the company of malicious and willfully ignorant people – the kind of people who practice the Dark Arts against which we must defend. I understand the necessity of learning how to defend oneself and those one loves against such foes, but the necessity of force doesn’t make it easier to bear. I think my chiefest challenge in this course will be to reconcile the reality of the Dark Arts with the idealistic life I want to lead.

What I know about the subject is limited to what I’ve learned through official sources: I have knowledge of basic defensive spells like the Disarming Charm and the Shield Charm, and offensive spells such as the Reductor and Leg-Locker Curses. I have an understanding of the Unforgivable Curses, their effects, and the consequences for their use. I am familiar with several varieties of dangerous magical creatures, including grindylows, hippogriffs, and Boggarts (having actually encountered the latter hiding in the grandfather clock at my Great-Uncle, or as he prefers to be called, “Grunkle” Caractacus’s mansion).

I am eager to fill in the gaps of my knowledge with both theoretical and practical magic!


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