Bonus: Advertising in Japan (As Seen Through Gaijin Eyes)

18 Jul

I’ve been amassing a sizeable collection of pictures from this trip, and a good chunk of those are pictures of advertisements, posters, and signs – because we have lots of those things back home, but nowhere near as many as the Japanese, and none of them even half as batshit crazy as these ones. It seemed a waste not to share them with you, and even if they don’t provide any special insight into Japan’s marketing, economy, pop culture, or psyche, my hope is you’ll find them as funny as I did. Enjoy!

IMG_1326One of the first things I clapped eyes on upon my arrival in Nagoya. You may be having a hard time processing that statue, but I want you to keep my then-status in mind. I was fresh off the shinkansen from Tokyo after my overseas flight and I didn’t even know my own name anymore. I was uncertain about most (if not all) of what I was seeing; this statue seemed a perfectly natural phenomenon to me.

IMG_1384Pachinko parlour splash banner. There’s apparently a story being told in there…about the sea. And it’s a super one.

IMG_1376Yeah, I bet it is.

IMG_1740Ad in the Tokyo subway. So this guy, who plainly works at a butchery, is worried about his grandmother, who is fixing roof tiles while being aggravated by a rude ghost? But then he’s got…an air conditioner? And that seems to have lifted the weight off his mind. Of course his grandma’s gone, but the ghost seems happy. So I guess it’s all right. Wait is that her ghost??



This food will apparently turn you from a plump, rosy-cheeked, infant sumo wrestler into a FURIOUS WEEPING GLADIATOR ELVIS. I mean how can you turn down an offer of “traditionnal japanise food” like that?!

IMG_1661There’s nothing particularly funny about this ad, I just want you to notice that’s Jackie Chan on the right there.

I’m not sure if I’m the racist, or if the Japanese are. Probably both.

IMG_1583The fun doesn’t stop at ads, oh ho, no! The world of Japanese literature is a veritable cornucopia of nonsensical hilarity! This is a posebook. Just in case you need help with your posing. See this is what’s amazing about being on the other side of the world: the priorities are just…just so delightfully different sometimes.

IMG_1747Trust me, Jews are delicious. I knew that even before I came here.


IMG_1840The picture’s a little blurry, so you probably can’t tell, but those are actual cow-women: horrible mutant hybrids engineered in secret by the Japanese government. And BOY do they tear up the stage on Wednesdays.

IMG_1400Internet ad for “Good Game Empire”. That’s… that’s real subtle, there, guys. Bravo.

IMG_2051I don’t even know what this is an ad for, but Ken Watanabe’s squinty stare is beginning to make me think I want it.

IMG_2213This guy is either driving an imaginary car, or pouring an imaginary beaker of chemical fluid. Either way, he’s clearly insane.

IMG_1738Well, the ads are certainly worth the price of admission.


2 Responses to “Bonus: Advertising in Japan (As Seen Through Gaijin Eyes)”

  1. Kurisu Makusena August 13, 2013 at 10:27 am #

    Glad you didn’t have to leave Japan without experiencing the local Jew ear, it’s a delicacy. It was such a blast to have you up here my friend, keep up the great blogging, and try not to go into too much Japanise withdrawl 😉

  2. AJ September 27, 2013 at 7:01 am #

    JEWS ARE DELICIOUS. I’m so glad you knew that already!

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