Metre Monday – “The Monk”

1 Oct

Wand’ring forest trails,

The dappled sun warms his face.

He fills his lungs with air and

Breathes the harmony of nature.

A golden oriole sings for him,

A brook laughs along polished stone.


The Bridge-Of-Two-Paths looms.

Twin dragons uncoil from nothing,

And block the wand’rer’s passage.

They smile at him and ask:

“Will you play our game?”

The monk does not reply.


Dragon mouths laugh and say:

“It issues from Heaven,

Yet touches the earth.

To some it is precious,

Though it has no worth.”

The monk sits, and begins

His meditation, and the sun

Is dying brilliantly behind him.


The sun and moon dance across the sky,

Many times and yet he sits.

Misty rain in the morning light is

Like a tender kiss on his cheek.

Finally he stands and the dragons

Leap up and ask, “Have you an answer?”


The monk looks to the sky and the

Colour splits into dazzling shards of light

Within his eyes. He says, “Rainbow,”

And the dragons hiss and twist aside.

The monk bows low, and

Continues his journey into the morning.


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