Metre Monday – “Hailie”

17 Sep

Ancient tomes and cobwebbed shelving,

Arrayed utilitarian;

So bravely does she dive in, delving:

The lonely young librarian.

And she, after the death of faith,

Remains a Rastafarian.

Her nappy dreads are bent and curled,

The word-wealth of an old Earth ages.

The knowledge of a bygone world

Hides deep within primeval pages.

The girl alone is free and learned,

While Jah’s children stay locked in cages.

How mournfully she walks these aisles,

How delicate her incense burns!

How lovingly she stacks the piles

How neatly she sits down and learns.

She keeps the fire close and steady,

Lest Ignorance at last returns.

Book-keeper, writer, reader, she;

Her dedication is devout.

She is alone, but she is free!

An isle of Certain drowned in Doubt.

Safe and warm is her Library:

For fear, she never ventures out.


One Response to “Metre Monday – “Hailie””

  1. Jim CEO September 19, 2012 at 10:15 am #

    Where in the recesses of your brilliant mind do you come up with this? Very good stuff.

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