Metre Monday – “Acrostic Sista”

10 Sep

Enjoy dis poem, sister mine,

Made from y’all name and awkward rhymes,

Meand’ring, dull, an’ kinda trite;

At the end though, mostly, it’s alright.


Rec’onize it, y’all lesser bustas,

O-Town is ruled by a queenly hustla;

Set down y’all iPods, drop dat mic!

E-Sista’s got this bitch locked tight.


Come at her, bro, an’ expect the worst:

Undersize, underclass, but she still come first.

Maximizin’ style, dawg, she straight bananas,

Mess wit dis chick, she throw yo ass in tha slamma!

In tha classroom she puts ’em all to shame,

Nine times outta ten, she be bringin’ tha game.

Gangstas, take a tip from yo homeboy J-Rock:

Sistas these days ain’t afraid to pack a Glock.


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