Metre Monday – “The Grad Student”

27 Aug

It is the girl at Starbucks,

And she is grown so dear, so dear,

That I would be the headphone

That vibrates in her ear.

For hid in ringlets day and night,

I’d touch her neck so warm and white.

And I would be the t-shirt

About her dainty dainty waist,

And her heart would beat against me,

When she new flavours tastes.

I should know if it beat right,

I’d clasp it round so close and tight.

And I should be the scarf-thing,

And all day long to fall and rise

Upon her modest bosom,

With her laughter or her sighs:

And I would lie so light, so light,

I scarce should be unwound at night.


One Response to “Metre Monday – “The Grad Student””

  1. Jim CEO August 29, 2012 at 12:37 am #

    Well done, Jojo. I love this one.

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