Tiny Tuesday – “Steamboat Serenity”

21 Aug

The steamboat’s wheel made a soft chug-chug-chug, and Serenity was soothed.

“Mercy,” she breathed, fanning her face against the cloying swamp heat. Beside her, a negro deckhand pushed a jive-walkin’ mop. He smiled at her, and Serenity smiled back. Handsome fella, she thought.

She leaned out over the side and let her white glove brush the fingers of an ancient willow as they slid beneath it. The sky was pink and the air buzzed with pollen and cicadas in the sleepy summer gloaming.

“Fine evenin’, miss.” The deckhand, real close now. Smelled of jasmine and earth.

“Fine evenin’, indeed,” sighed Serenity.


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