Metre Monday – “Hipster’s Lament”

30 Jul

In mega malls they spend all their money,

In the folds of the couch they stare at teevee,

Whilst I wander alone in the flea market

In my American Apparel v-neck tee.

My horn-rimmed non-prescription eyeglasses

My inappropriately warm woolen hat,

These are the proud symbols of my generation

But the one before us has got bloated and fat.

Oooooooh, how can they know the joy that we feel

Pretending we’re joyful when we really don’t care?

They’ve never purposely bought shitty beer

Or worn intentionally ironic facial hair.

Oh, I am the last of the hipsters,

No more will I blog about Proust or trees!

I would say you should check out my Tumblr

But you’ve probably never heard of me.


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