Metre Monday – “July 23, 2012”

23 Jul

Last nite I dreamed of Mr. T

Welcoming me to the land of sleep

Hard-back chairs workout equipment

Manhattan rainbows, fog seeping in

the tenement window but a nice warm apartment

and an incredibly wise bodyguard

Mr. T he loved me, put me up,

gave me a couch to sleep on,

jib-jabbered kindly, took me serious

asked my opinion on American Gladiators

I showed him Arnold Statham Stallone

advised Samurai Jack

he’d dig it, I said, and he looked

at me with ancient wisdom in his eye

and chanted in his guttural growl

that all the things he preached in youth

still held, and were even truer now.

In a chain-link b-ball court

we had a long evening’s conversation

Then he tucked me in my long

red underwear under a Simpsons

blanket by the fire on the sofa

Gave me a Hot Pocket

and went off sadly to his bed,

saying Ah Justin I am glad

to have met a fine young man like you.

At last, I woke ashamed of myself.

Is he that good and kind? Am I that great?

What’s my motive dreaming his

jabba? Can I be somebody

and also be somebody’s fool?

First name Mister, middle name

period, last name T, and here I

sit just a normal dude with no title.

I dream of my kindness to Mr. T

wanting to be like B.A. and challenge

suckas wherever I went, like a

wandering monk. God forbid my

evil dreams come true.

Last nite I dreamed of Justin Cummings.

Mr. T would have pitied this fool.


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