Metre Monday – “The Dove”

16 Jul

From far above the sandy Shroud
A banner snapped out, bright and proud,
And heralded the coming of
The General they called The Dove.

His ranks were thin, his men were boys,
Their steeds were dogs, their weapons toys;
A sadder force ne’er met the eye –
But for The Dove they’d gladly die.

Clear trumpets rang as he came by,
His cloak the white of cloud-filled sky,
Their fists and voices raised as one
And then the battle had begun.

The day was shattered on the plain
As boys and men alike were slain,
Their bodies married with the land
While blood congealed inside the sand.

And laid among them, deep as love,
The broken body of The Dove:
His cloak as pure as lambling’s fleece
Declaring his posthumous peace.


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