Fanfic Friday – “The Diary”

22 Jun

The seafoam bubbles, a muted roar against the reinforced glass. Neon lights half a block away, diffused through the shimmering deep and scattered by roving schools of silvery fish, dapple the dark mahogany desk. Edith Piaf’s wavering voice trills softly out of the gramophone, and the leather chair squeaks as its occupant leans forward, and flicks the recording switch of his audiodiary to “on”.

The red light flashes. Ice clinks in his glass, and he breathes out a thick plume of smoke before speaking.

“To realize, shuffling along like sheep to the slaughter, that something is terribly wrong with the world…all it takes is a moment’s pause to acknowledge what you already know, in your heart. To reflect…simple.

To take that knowledge, and act – turn your back on everything you’ve been raised to believe is right…difficult.

To plan an escape; to engineer a workable alternative…very difficult indeed.

To build a city on the bottom of the sea…impossible.”

Another creak as he stands, his footfalls muffled by the thick carpet. The light tap of a club against a golf ball.

“I have scaled the highest mountain a man can climb, and then built a taller one. I have earned the sweat of my brow, and none can wrench it from my grasp.”

A clatter as the ball slides into an overturned cup. A long exhalation, carrying another great billow of smoke. It smashes into the window glass in slow motion, cascading outwards in a ring before his grim reflected face.

“The Great Chain pulls ever onward, as long as the strong still grip it. Each pulling his weight, working in his own interest, free of the tyranny of the parasite. Is man meant to live in the deepest depths of the ocean? The parasite says no. I say, where else would we be free? Where else could we build an economy that they could not control, a society that they would not be able to destroy?”

Edith’s voice dies, and the gramophone scratches abruptly. A hiss, sliding just above silence, hangs above Andrew Ryan’s head.

“It was not impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea.”

The embers of his pipe glow fiercely.

“It was impossible to build it anywhere else.”


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