Metre Monday – “On The Author’s First Shift At Chapters”

11 Jun

The gleaming floors and groaning shelves

Bear countless unsold pages;

Not stocked by little ledger elves,

But us: the foul Arts Majors.


I don the vest, I click my pen,

I walk out on the floor,

I see the unwashed masses then

Come flooding through the door.


No longer just a bookshop we!

Now we’re the destination

For candles, scarves, and potpourri

In cute configuration.


“Do you have this?” Why, yes we do,

I think it’s over here.

And then I hunt, in likeness to

A Zulu with his spear.


My coworkers are all burnt out,

The years pull down like Hades.

I do my best to help them out:

They’re just little old ladies.


Across the book-clothed canyons I

Can see another world.

Through haze of steam and grind I spy

The cute-ass Starbucks girls.


Your books I’ll help you try to find

Without pressure or cloying.

And if I sneak up from behind

Please tell me it’s annoying.


The customers have come and went,

The store has won its wealth.

My first paycheck is all but spent

On books just for myself.


2 Responses to “Metre Monday – “On The Author’s First Shift At Chapters””

  1. Uncle chris June 11, 2012 at 11:50 pm #


  2. Monica June 12, 2012 at 9:37 am #

    Don’t worry, everyone spends their first paycheque at the place they earned it. At least yours is Chapters and not the LCBO or the XXX Movie Store in Bells Corners…

    Good luck with the Starbucks girls! Buy them a non-fat soy frappaccino with extra whip or something. That’s sure to be the key to their hearts!!

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