Tiny Tuesday – “Metzli”

5 Jun

A thousand voices roared for blood. Héctor, desperate, scrabbled up the pyramid.

Ixchel moaned as Xochipilli thrust against her. Her painted claws dug into his ink-black spine.

Obsidian arrows sailed past Héctor’s helmet. One found his flesh. He cried out, but did not slow his ascent.

The moon hung above, a massive shining disc framed at the zenith. Tenochtitlan bathed in blood below.

Bone skirts rattled in rhythmic ecstasy. The jaguar feasted upon his prey. She, a glittering snake, coiled around him.

Héctor mounted the peak. Ixchel screamed, laughing. Héctor watched as her throat was cut, and the moon turned bright red.


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