Fanfic Friday – “KUL’DUR”

1 Jun

A bolt of crimson lightning sailed through the muggy evening and struck the ensign, his body jerking as all his muscles tensed at once. There was a crack, grotesquely loud, and a puff of acrid smoke. His charred body fell like a rag doll.

“Dammit, stop!” screamed the doctor, throwing his hands up desperately into the air. “Stop! We’re defenceless!”

The sky laughed at him. “I KNOW.”

Electricity, bright red with hate, discharged over and over again into the ground, tearing crewmen off their feet and blasting great gouts of mud into the air. The atmosphere was crackling, hot. The screaming. Oh, god. The screaming!

There he was – still alive, still lashed to the stone idol, his head lolling in a way that made the doctor’s stomach turn. Had he been screaming, too? There was no way to know. He was silent now.

The doctor scrabbled over to him on hands and knees, knowing that the sudden stillness in the air was not to last. He looked up at his friend, and saw the ghastly pall of death in his blue skin. His throat tightened.

The sky thundered out again, its words punching through the doctor’s chest. “WHAT SAY YOU NOW, TRESPASSER? WILL YOU LEAVE THIS PLANET? OR SHALL I EDUCATE YOU ONCE MORE?”

Above the doctor, the man’s white, cracked lips opened. He whispered, “The crew. We’ve…got to save…the crew.”

A single tear rolled down the doctor’s cheek. “They’re dead, Jim.”


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