Threepenny Thursday – Hannibal Buress in “Animal Furnace”

31 May

Stumbled across this guy the other day, watched a clip, thought it was funny; watched his whole comedy special, thought it was awesome, and figured it was way too good not to share wit y’all. Isn’t the internet just a magical place?

His name is Hannibal Buress. He wrote for SNL, and also for 30 Rock (in which he appeared as a homeless man on several occasions). He’s now working his ass off, schleppin’ along the standup circuit, and I’m excited because this is a very rare occasion in which I have heard of something awesome before it became super popular and mainstream. ‘Cause this Hannibal guy…he’s goin’ places.

I’m a pretty big standup comedy enthusiast, in the sense that I really really enjoy good standup comedy. My standards are pretty high. And Hannibal sold me almost right off the bat, and only got better from there.


I love it, man. His laid-back delivery and bizarre non sequiturs are really appealing – he’s clearly a really smart guy, with a natural, stream of consciousness style of humour. You get the impression that he just talks like this, normally, all the time. He’s also really good at getting the crowd going, which is like the holy grail for standup comedians. If you’ve got the crowd laughing from square one, you could literally say anything and they’d find it funny. He sets the bar high from the get-go and his bite-sized bits keep the laughs consistent. It’s infectious!



He’s got the best parts of all the funniest observational comedians: the logical, deadpan analysis of Demetri Martin, the wacky and hyperbolic extrapolation of Bill Bailey, and the disconnected mini-jokes and stoner-style delivery of Mitch Hedberg. Like all of those comedy giants, he points out details about daily life that most of us glaze right over, and uses his innate comical sense to comment on them in a really unique way. Seinfeld would be proud.

Hannibal Buress hereby wins my coveted Most Comin’-Up Up-And-Comer Award, and I urge you to check out “Animal Furnace”, his DVD special. When he hits it really big, feel free to send me your congratulations about my astounding clairvoyance. Thanks!


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