Tiny Tuesday – “Guitar Gods”

29 May

St. Cecilia’s voice rang in the heavenly choir, filling the firmament with rapturous song. Then, the chorus: thirteen-thousand-part harmony reverberating across the sky, sweet as a light beam slashed through summer rain.

The coda was whispered, pure. Cecilia’s favourite part. So light, so serene… divine.

Their mellifluous noise stuttered as a vicious electric scream tore through the glittering cloud-cathedral, impossibly loud, savagely passionate. Cecilia scowled.

Fathoms below, Robert Johnson’s eyes shut in musical ecstasy. Hendrix was deep in the throes of a guitargasm. Cobain stood above, raining tattered notes like a grunge god. Their sound shook Paradise.

St. Cecilia shouted. Nobody was listening.


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