Metre Monday – “Ode to Alcohol”

28 May

When you’re feeling parched, keep your wrist firmly arched,

And celebrate life with a clink.

Raise up your glasses, stand up off your asses:

It’s time once again for a drink!


As old as sliced bread, with a heavenly head,

Few things are as lovely as beer.

From the dark to the pale, take a sip of some ale,

And watch your problems disappear!


Or invest in good vibes, and feel free to imbibe

In a choice that has never been risky:

Put some hair on your chest – take the lumberjack test.

A manly man’s drink is the whiskey!


You know what’s just dandy? A fine drop of brandy!

Ensconced in a gorgeous round glass.

You’ll nevermore gripe, with a grip on your pipe,

‘Cause now your life really has class!


Do yourself a favour: for some eastern flavour,

Sake’s a good way to get blotto!

The taste of rice wine may creep right up your spine,

But soon you’ll be all, “Arigato!


Vodka can be great, when you’re out on a date,

And you want to impress with your Russian.

But be careful, my friend – when the night’s at an end,

You may find yourself with a concussion.


And lest we forget it, we’ll surely regret it,

The drinking adventure most fine:

From young Cleopatra to ol’ Frank Sinatra,

Everyone loves a good glass of wine!


No taste for the liquor? Don’t worry then, vicar,

We’ve got just the thing for your thirst.

It’s a bit redundant – scratch that, it’s abundant!

With water we’re practically cursed!


All day or at night, whether dead wrong or right,

The drink props you up all your days.

Said Kenobi to Luke, when the latter had puked,

“The drink will be with you – always.”


One Response to “Metre Monday – “Ode to Alcohol””

  1. Your Father May 28, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    As your father I object to the topic strongly! Otherwise, “cheers!”

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