Fanfic Friday – “InGen, Inc.”

25 May

The sign read “CAUTION: DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT PROPER PROTECTION” in bold red letters, and underneath, “Cryogenic Temperatures”. Taylor wasn’t wearing anything but jeans, a t-shirt, and her lab coat, but she keyed in the code and strode through without pausing as the great steel door whooshed open.

She could hear the clomping of footsteps in the hall, and muffled shouting as technicians and engineers ran. The wail of the compound klaxon, in the darkness of the cryo room, it was all she could focus on. It was a harrowing sound – she’d always been jumpy at the cry of alarms and sirens – and the insistent, repetitive wailing frightened her even more. She shivered in the deep cold, and her breath blossomed out in front of her face. Where is the goddamn light switch?

Impatient, Taylor walked through the lab anyway, knowing where the tanks were from countless hours spent inside. She would only be in for a minute.

She walked past the command consoles, titanium-shielded to protect from the frost riming their edges. In the slanting pale light from the open door, she made out the first tank – reaching right up to the ceiling, ten feet across. She passed it to find the second, and the third. At the fourth, she stopped, punching in her password at the plastic-covered terminal. Her body was shaking violently now, her muscles convulsing in a vain attempt to preserve her rapidly-fading body heat. There was a clank as the tank panel opened, and her face was bathed in soft blue light.

There they were – hundreds of little vials, suspended in glass, marked with series numbers and latin names. She could never remember the names. Didn’t matter now. She had to get them to safety. All she had to do was get them out.

She grabbed a steel briefcase from the desk behind her, propping it open and filling it with the vials, moving furiously. She only needed the key specimens. Her breath was ragged, and she gave a soft cry with each breath. She finished in half a minute, and moved to shut the tank.

The moment she heard the pneumatic hiss of the tank lock engaging, she was plunged into profound darkness.

The door had closed. She had the case in her hands. Her mind panicked, and she thought, I need to get out of here. Her body was moving with singular purpose, like a marathon runner pushing through a wall. She couldn’t even see an inch ahead, and was starting to become truly afraid.

Then, she heard a soft purring sound, almost like a cat. Her heart leapt into her throat. She had heard that sound before – only once in waking, when Muldoon gave her and the other geneticists the tour. She also heard it when she slept.

Taylor choked out a sob, and her body began to slip out of her control. She felt her grip releasing, and the case clattered to the floor. She followed, crashing to the icy-slick floor and shouting in pain and fear. She heard the purr again, this time sounding much more like a growl. She couldn’t hear the alarm any more, and she couldn’t see a damn thing. All she knew was her stricken skin feeling as though it were peeling away, and the heavy breathing and click-click-click of claws on the floor.

Taylor and the velociraptor screamed as one.


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