Tiny Tuesday – “Excellent”

22 May

“Ted?” moaned Bill S. Preston, Esq. “Don’t be dead, dude!”

Socrates roared incoherently from the booth. “Ted” Theodore Logan, splayed on the Grecian grass, was pumping blood most non-triumphantly from his leg. Socrates broke through the glass, his rotten eye swinging limply on his cheek.

Bill screamed, “Aw, bogus!” as the dead philosopher’s fingers scrabbled at his throat. He couldn’t breathe. Bright spots, as his vision blackened. Then, quiet.

The pressure on his windpipe suddenly released, and Bill saw Ted, slamming his guitar again and again into Socrates’ skull.

Their eyes met. Ted smiled.

Their hoarse voices spoke as one. “Excellent.”


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