Tiny Tuesday – “The Sacrifice”

15 May

Welcome to Tiny Tuesday! It’s pretty widely held that attention spans these days are abysmal – indeed, many people I know would make a goldfish feel bad for laughing at them – and so I’ve elected to set aside some space in my Weeklies to celebrate brevity. I’ve tackled this form before, but as a quick refresher: each of these Tuesday posts will be exactly 101 words long, because the constraints of that limit make an excellent writing exercise for me, and a very reasonable mini-post for you.


Dave’s heart raced. Sweat seeped through his collar and dripped onto his keyboard. His eyes were afire with a pale, terrible light, and his mouth uttered strings of unbroken words in a language not meant for man.

His mind splintered. A voice, unheard and shattering, bellowed. “PERFORM THE SACRIFICE.”

Dave’s skin melted as he gripped the totem, its softness caving under his clenching fist. He plunged his arm elbow-deep in the broiling black liquid, his frothing screams an echo of the hissing pit.

“There goes Dave again,” said Phyllis, from the cubicle opposite. “Crazy bastard loves his coffee and donuts.”


One Response to “Tiny Tuesday – “The Sacrifice””

  1. Your Father May 15, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    You need to forward this to Dave B. He would appreciate it.


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